Seeing a Great Wall !!!


Hi…this was my first time traveling abroad and going to Beijing was my father’s gift for me…He knew that i love china so much…

I flight with china airlines and it took 6 hours to fly there.

I couldnt believe i woke up in Beijing !!! In another side of world exactly !🙂


We’re picked up by Mr.Han, he’s my guide there and he’s very nice guy. He could speak my language very well, so if we couldnt bargain in mandarin language, he could help us by translated it.

First destination was Summer Palace. Wow…this lake was beautiful !


Second destination was Tian an men Square. This was a government place. Sometimes it used for movie scenes, such as Curse of Golden Flowers, Karate Kid, and etc. Anything bout beijing or china was here. This place was just like an beijing icon after Great Wall.


Next was Tiantan or Temple of Heaven. This also white snake’s scenes place. hahahaha That was such a great building.


And then we’re going to great wall…wow !! it’s very very huge and great wall. I even couldnt believe my eyes. Mr.Han said that It needed 6 month to walk around the great wall. Well…i couldnt do that…The rock was huge, even the stairs were huge so you needed extra effort to climb it up. I got dizzy after walked several stairs haha because the stairs were so high and huge also. So i stop and just enjoy what could i enjoyed that time. I found love locks on there. People wrote their names and locked it to make their loves everlasting. 


After that, we’re going to Silk Market. Wow…you would meet many kinds of cute coats here and i guess its cheaper one. Many souvernirs also here. Anyway because this was my first time went to abroad so i never knew how to adapt with 4 seasons countries. When i visited Beijing, it was late spring, but i still didnt see any flowers and the weather still cold. Honestly, i didnt prepare any match clothes  haha thnx God my mom lend me her coats. I also bought some boots because i think it’s cheap. So this is me after shopping in silk market. 


When you walked around the market, dont feel strange if the shopkeeper sometimes pulled your hand and asked you to visit their shop but when you did bargain with them, and u couldnt make a deal, they would ask you out from their store. Haahahaha so weird.
I got many Mandarin CDs here with cheaper price. Michael kuang, Zou jie lun and also S.H.E albums could buy here with cheap price.

Thanx for read my unimportant review hahaha

Hope you enjoy it🙂



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