“sabar” and “be patience”


Have u ever have people around u whose always tell u “to be patience” if get angry or having problems?

Did they help u to make any solutions?or they just said that word to u?

From my opinion, i tend to think that “be patience” is really good word to help us control our emotion but that’s exactly doesn’t help anything.

People who have first time react, said “be patience”to your angry, i think they just didn’t know how’s your feeling and didn’t show a sympathy to u. But they pretended care about u…

When we got angry, it didn’t mean that we had no patience. sometimes, we re just angry with something which really bother us. Sometimes angry is just for catharsis our negative emotions. But when u got,people around only could say “be patience” to u, that just made u feel depression because u cant let your negative emotion out.

Let’s compare with people who listened your anger then gave u a small solution and after that, they said “be patience”
Hows your feeling?more better?

“Be patience” is not only word which show that people care about u.but more about their attitudes such as listen and make a feedback.

“Be patience” is only a word to make u calm down so u can think wisely about your problems.

But people who just can say “be patience” to u is only a sucks people. They just pretended to be wise people,but they dont.

I like “be patience” word but i dont like people who only can say that.

So, becarefull when you say “be patience” for people around you. Make sure you understand their problems and of course, their feelings

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