Indonesian Airport


Have u ever know the situation when indonesian airport is crowded?

There s so many delays…junks are everywhere…smokers don’t smoke in the right place and people sit on bench wit their things…

Awful…yeah,one word to describe all the mess

This is an airport..but more like bus station in Indonesia

Do u know,when flight is delayed,the crew will give u a meal? That’s good right..?
Bad things,these people won’t throw their junks even trash can is only 50 meters for them

What is in their mind??

I know they re bored with delayed flight..but in my opinion, this airport will be better if they care their environment..

ĦƏªªî îš º°˚ ˚°º ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ
Dummies people
Save your environment before its too late!

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