could you tell me one of the best Tailor?


Just wanna share cz i feel so so upset
Ive been 6 months in here and i cant find any good tailor in here too

People told me that there s so many tailors in pasar tebet. So i went there and tried to fix my bolero. Not only that, i brought jacket,suit, trouser and also dress

I found so many tailors there but i dont which one is good. So i went to right side and found a old tailor man.

For the first time, he s very welcome-to me but then after i paid, he couldnt finish my clothes on time. And the worst thing is he s not a good tailor.

So, my rp. 500.000 Bolero became awfull. I thought that all tailors were good. But now i know and im very upset. Because all my clothes can spend more than 200.000 for each clothes.

If you have recommendation Tailor for me, would you share to me? I live in cawang. So i need recommendation Tailor around there


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