First time in Singapore


This is my first trip to singapore, it’s only for a day since me and dad went to Batam so dad asked me to visit Singapore.
Well…this could be my second trip to abroad.  I was so curious with Merlion Statue, while almost my friend had a photo with it.

Im so glad, finally knew Singapore. I knew that it’s an expensive country in south east asia.

First, i reached Singapore with Ferry from Batam. But sorry i didnt remember about the ticket price or something..
After reached singapore, me and dad went to see Universal Studio at sentosa island. It’s last november therefore Universal studio decorated by lots Xmas trees. Some of them were huge trees.


Next i was going to see the huge globe of Universal studio. All my friends had a photo in front of it so i think i should have one too.😛


Unfortunately we didnt have a lot time to entry the Universal Studio, but i promise someday i will come again and play in USS..

Next destination was orchard road..I thought there’s something special with this area, because people talked about it lots. But i only found some malls and some stores with high price here. Anyway, my dad friends taught me how to use MRT in Singapore, since we dont have any such like that in my country. It’s very easy to use. You can buy the ticket in MRT machine ticket. Ok, when i walked around in Orchard road, i found a useful place. It’s a singapore visitors centre. All informations you need about singapore in there. I think i start to like this place🙂


I really didnt have lots time in Singapore, but i needed to see Merlion statue. So after seeing orchard, me and dad called a taxi to reach merlion. We’re in Hurry because we had to reached the last ferry to back to Batam.


On the back the merlion, there’s small merlion statue. But most people took picture near the big one.


Well..i think that’s my unimportant review from my very very short trip in Singapore…

See ya on the next trip🙂

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