forget my shoes at park


#Hash this is the second time I left my shoes at parking just because I jumped on driver seat. I took off my shoes just like when I took it if I came in to my house.

And the stupidest thing, cz I realized it after I arrived at home. So I had to back at the park and checked it whether it’s still there or not.

First, I did it when I was In campus. I cleaned my car after shower. And yes! I took my shoes off cz I had to reach my car’s top. Then I drove to home. As soon as I arrived, I realized that I left my shoes at parking. So I had to check it in campus. Thanks God, it wasn’t too far from my home and it was still there.

Gosh! That was several months ago. And now, I did it again.
What were I thinking?! (⌣́_⌣̀”)

You know how far Cawang to Jagakarsa, Setu babakan exactly.
It’s about 20 km. And sometimes it’s traffic.

I was going home last night. Drove my mom home. I was driving without my shoes but everything seemed fine. Cz I thought I took my shoes off in car. After I arrived, I did realized that I left my shoes again. Oh damn! Why must I have stupid habit such that?!

And so forth I had to back to Jagakarsa again. Last night it was extremely big shower. I drove in hurry without realized that I scratched my car on the left side. What the Hell day (⌣́_⌣̀”)

However, so Thankful in advance to the God that my shoes was still there. Eventhough it’s wet. Cz it was really hard rain last night.

Ooooh my car. Another scratches which I made. I’m sorry. I only thought about my shoes last night and how stupid was I having a habit like that.

Maybe next time I have to be more more and more pay attention with my unconsciousness behavior.

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