my best friend’s going to get married


Is that for real, when people get married everything will be different? Their lives, their friends, their activities ?

Is that true when my best friend gets married, she’ll change? She won’t be my best friend anymore just like the past when we cried together?

Can I get married with someone who I love? Someone who never I forget? Someone who I dreamed since I was teen?Someone who I miss forever?

Someone who never controls my life? Someone who knows me better than anyone? Someone who understand me the way I am?

No matter how cute is he? No matter how rich is he? No matter how smart is he? And If I get it all, It’s just a bonus

Someday if I choose a wrong guy to be my partner, at least I had already chose

When I was in college. My lecture’s told me about her husband. No matter how old both r they. How old their kids

They still can feel the “sense” when they hold their hand together. It’s so sweet. That’s totally a love* (*for me)

I always love fairy tale stories not because it’s always happily ever after. But there’s always miracle on it

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