Short Itinerary to Singapore – Horrible Fun Trip – Day 1


This isnt the first time i went to singapore but this is the first time i went there without my parents.

Why it looks so different ??

Yes, because i had to arrange all cost by myself with my own money

We got promo tickets by AA to Singapore. We departured from Bandung and its cost about 600k for round trip. Well, maybe it’s not the extreme cheap price, and more people can get cheaper one.

You know what, i guess singapore is the most expensive country in this south east asia, eventhough the tickets are cheap hahahaha
So if you wanna go there, make sure you prepare the itinerary because if its not you’ll have experience like me🙂

The truth was we’ve already made a itinerary, but we didnt notice about how far that place and how long to reach there. I arrived at Changi 15 minutes earlier and the time showed 13.30. We took some pictures and drink water in changi. I landed in terminal 1 and i had to go terminal 2 to take train to city. O ya i prayed also in prayer room in terminal 2, accessed free internet…so totally, i took the MRT at 14.30.

My first destination was Singapore zoo bcz we’ve already bought the tickets but we didnt know which station did we need to stop by and how to reach there (wkwkwk this is my bad  because i didnt plan it in detail). Singapore zoo located in north so u had to take red line. For the first time i took woodland station, i wondered that i could take bus from there. Changi-woodland train cost about S$ 2,40 / person and had to transfer about three times. Wow…so its far enough !

Unfortunately, there’s no bus to reach singapore zoo from woodland. When i asked the station officer, he told me that i had to go cho cu kang station, so i bought the train tickets from woodland-cho cu kang about S$ 0,70. / person

It’s really important to buy STP (singapore tourist pass) i guest especially when u didnt have much small amount of money like S$ 5 because the machine only accepted cents, S$ 2 and S$ 5.

After u arrived at Cho cu kang station, i went to bus station and took bus number 927 to singapore zoo. It cost S$ 1,70 / person. if u had STP u simply tapped your card on their machines but if u didnt have it, so u had to pay it cash.

Unfortunately, i arrived at singapore zoo by 17.30 and the zoo were already closed. My ticket only valid at the day, So i lost my ticket and felt so dissapointed. i couldnt see Polar bear.😦
ive just realized that changi-singapore zoo took 2,5 hours

I felt so tired and starving, so i went to KFC at the sing zoo. I ordered Ramsher Meal, its bout S$ 7,9 for 1 pepsi, 1 burger (in indonesia this burger looks like chicken fillet, 1 salad and 1 mashed potato soup. I like the mashed potato, its spicy and i could taste the pepper well.

Our planning to singapore this september because we wanted to watch F1, since the tickets were expensive so we didnt buy it. I was no plan and then suddenly i thought maybe gardens by the bay would be great to visit. I took the same bus 927 from singapore zoo to cho cu kang station again (S$ 1,70 /person) and bought train ticket to Marina bay. Singapore zoo was the last station for bus 927. Because i didnt know exactly where the gardens by the bay took place. From cho cu kang – Marina bay, it cost S$ 2. Well, the truth was you had to stop at bayfront to go gardens by the bay.  i bought train ticket from Marina bay –  bayfront about S$ 0,70 / person.

OMG ! i was so tired to walk but finally i reached Gardens by the bay.

Gardens by the bay

So many lampions there because they’re celebrating mid autumn fest, but i no longer saw any garden rapshody and singapore flyer was off during the F1😦






Singapore flyer








After took some pictures there, i went to the hotel. I booked at Amrise hotel because i thought thats cheap enough and the rooms were clean. Amrise hotel was in Geylang ( ive just known that this was red light district area, so i dont suggest you with your kids to stay here). So i took train from bayfront – aljuneid station about S$ 1,70 / person. To find this hotel, after you arrived at Aljuneid, turn to right and just go straight until you find Lor 13 Geylang.  Its about 2 km. I suggested u to stop  by at Kallang Station because this hotel was nearer Kallang than from Aljuneid. Its only about 1 km.

This hotel had tv, welcome water, clean room, shower and water heater. So i think its enough and cheaper than any hotels in singapore. It’s cost S$ 180 for 3 days. Well, if u had better and cheaper hotels in singapore, please let me know😀

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