Short Itinerary to Singapore – Horrible Fun Trip – Day 2


Yeayy !! time to go USS !!

As we planned, we went to Sentosa Island today.  To reach there, we must take MRT to harbour front station and go to Vivo city level 3 to take train to Sentosa. Kallang- harbour front about S$ 1,70 / person. If u didnt have small amount money, u could buy something near the station to get change.  Vivo city – Sentosa about S$ 4 / Person.

There’s foodpark at Vivo city to see the sightseeing of Sentosa island and to enjoy the weather :p

There’s four stations at sentosa. But if you wanna go to USS and Sea Aquarium like i did, we got off at waterfront station. Today i planned to go sea aquarium bcz i was so curious about the world largest aquarium. After that i was going to Universal Studio Singapore. For the ticket, we booked them from because i thought it’s cheaper and we didnt have to get in line anymore. If u buy the tickets from asiatravel. com, you’ll get email to print your ticket and then you have to redeem it at counter at basement coach bay.
To go basement coach bay, take the escalator near USS globe and go downstairs, you’ll see kiosk 9 in front of you.

Ok, we went to sea aquarium. Sea aquarium was near the hardrock cafe. if u see any ticket booth, go inside the building. At the first time, i thought that building was a foodcourt. I didnt notice that the entrace to sea aquarium too. Hahahaha so i asked someone and he told me that the building was a sea aquarium.

Wow !! such a awesome aquarium, they really had a big and huge screen !!! And so many kind of sea animals. The most favorite part was Shark egg, Jelly fish, and an aquarium under your feet. BeFunky_IMG_1543.jpg

I do really love this aquarium…

shark eggLook at this shark egg…amazing !!!

guiness world largest aquarium

And this is the world largest screen for aquarium in the world. Well, dont compare it with sea world, ok hahahaha

So after saw many kind of amazing animals, its time for USS !!! yeaaay !!


First, Hollywood Zone. I found :

1. Meet and greet a Kung fu panda at the entrance of hollywood. Such a cute panda!

2. There’s a “Monster rock at Pantages Hollywood theater”. It’s fun but little bit boring for me and i felt a sleep hahaha

3. There were “Daddy O’s” and “Mel Dinettes” in street of hollywood. They are USS boyband and girlband. They sing uptown girl song hahaha

4. Lake Hollywood Spectacular. DONT EVER MISS IT ! this is amazing fireworks !!

Second, i went to New York Zone. I found  :

1. “lights, camera, action ! by steven spielberg”. I could feel the real special effects everytime they make a movie. Awesome !

2. “Sesame street spaghetty space chase”. I ride a train and find amazing decoration hahahaha (It’s like istana boneka in dufan but much better)

3. There’s street performance of “The rockfellas”. They are freestyle dancer.. cool !

Third, Sci Fi Zone. In this zone i found :

1. “Transformers the ride”. Wow..amazing way to watch transformer. This game use illusion visual. I was scared but great.

2. “Accelerator”. Hmmm in dufan i called it “cangkir”. Its just spinning and spinning, i dont really like adrenalin games but at least i could ride this hehehe

3. Get photo with bumble bee

Fourth, Ancient egypt. OMG !! i hate this zone hahahaha

1. “Revenge of the mummy”. This is Indoor rollercoaster and made me scared to the death. I was crying and got dizzy😥
When the first time i saw people put their things in locker, i didnt feel good about it. And yeah..i dont want to ride this anymore.
Locker is free for 45 minutes. You just simply put your birth date and choose favorite colours and the locker will be unlocked or locked.But if you use it for more than 45 minustes, it will charge u S$ 3.

When i ride this revenge of the mummy. There’s camera which took you picture. If u wanted to buy it, it cost S$ 20 / photo. Yeah i bought one because i saw my face awful hahahaha

I didnt ride “the treasure hunters” because its already dark. I didnt meet anubis also to take photos with them

Fifth, The lost world zone.

I didnt try any games in here. But i got my lunch. I ordered beef rendang and its nice. In USS, if u buy USS ticket, i suggest u buy the ticket with meal voucher because the food price are little bit expensive. My rendang cost about S$14,5 and teh tarik about S$ 3,80. The meal voucher is S$10. So you’ll have discount for S410. it helps much.

Sixth, Far far away zone.

I like this zone..So many fun things found here, such as :

1. “Shrek 4D adventure”. I like it verymuch…watching movie with moving seat and water spray hahaha

2. “Donkey live”. Yeah i like this show, it’s funny and interactive. It made me laugh and felt silly hahahaha

3. Also meet “shrek and vionna” in this zone

Seventh, Madagascar zone

1. “Madagascar. A crate adventure”. This game also like istana boneka in dufan. But i still prefer sesame street spaghetty  chase🙂

So dissapointed i couldnt watch all shows in every zones because they had show times and it play only 3 times everyday. But i guess USS is recommended place to visit in Singapore. After spending my whole time at sentosa, i went to yamakawa supermarket at clarkequay MRT to buy kitkat greentea. Kitkat greentea S$9. I also bought kitkat dark chocolate for S$ 3.  Harbour front- Clarkequay about S$ 1,80 / person.

It’s time to go hotel. Clarkequay – Kallang S$ 1,40 / person. And i also buy 2 mineral water 600 ml for S$2.

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