Short Itinerary to Singapore – Horrible Fun Trip – Day 3


Ok, this is the last day of my trip and im ready to get back to Indonesia..

Before i go back, i wont ever miss to buy souvenir. So i planned to go bugis street because that’s the only place i know hahahha

To reach bugis, you simply go to bugis station. From Kallang-bugis  cost about S$1 / person. To go bugis street, From bugis station go to bugis junction. Bugis street is in victoria street, cross the bugis junction. This place isnt like central market in KL. Bugis street is aisle market i think hehehehe. I dont really like shopping so i didnt spend much time here. I just bought snowstorm and went to Airport. The airport route were same like day 1. Go to terminal 2 and use skytrain to terminal 1. Bugis – Changi about S$ 2 / person. You must be 2 hours earlier before your boarding time because u need  time to check in and drop your baggage. There’s no last call for boarding also, so keep on time !

Look what i found at terminal 1. Photo booths !!!!



I love changi airport. So enjoyable airport !!!

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