Cheat and Cheaters


There’s no way to change people not to become cheater, but maybe this is one thing that we can do for ourselves. I wish whether men or women could do this things to avoid becoming cheater. First thing, we must know why do people cheat their partners and then how to avoid that.

Why Affairs Happen

A poll of the clients of divorce lawyers in the United Kingdom in 2008 showed that the top ten reasons men gave for playing around were:

1. Lust
2. Loss of attraction to the wife/partner
3. Sex problems—they want more sex or more variety or have a sex addiction
4. Wife preoccupied by family life and the demands of children
5. Aggressive seduction by another woman
6. Lack of aggressive seduction by the partner
7. Thrill of the chase
8. Nagging
9. Failure to communicate with partner about problems
10. Male self-image—sex appeal, aging, an easy ego boost

The top ten answers women gave when asked why they had an affair were:

1. Loneliness (the most common problem for stay-at-home women)
2. Unable to communicate with their partner about problems
3. Not made to feel desirable enough
4. Lack of appreciation by husband
5. Husband too self-absorbed and full of hang-ups
6. Lack of romance and excitement in bed
7. Need to escape the routine in their life
8. Wanted to feel as powerful in their personal life as at work
9. Bored with routine
10. Opportunity was offered at the right time

Four Vital Strategies to Avoid Becoming a CheaterYourself

1. Always make your partner your number-one priority.Relationships in which one or both partners have their main focus on careers, business, or children are at high risk of an affair. While these things are important, never let them always be number one in your life.

2. Have confidences that only you and your partner talk about.Don’t share private or intimate thoughts with others that you haven’t discussed with your mate.

3. Connect with each other on a daily basis. Couples who make time to discuss their thoughts with their partners every day have the lowest incidence of infidelity and the highest sense of security.

4. Avoid any situations that allow affairs to happen. Avoid any circumstances in which you may become temporarily attracted to someone else. This doesn’t mean there’s a problem in your relationship or that you have to act on it; it simply means you need to stay away from these situations.

source : Why men want sex and women need love – Barbara and Allan Pease

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