What will u do if u have 9 lives?


I’ve ever heard a myth that cat has nine lives. Have u ever heard that too? Do u believe it?

I’m wondering if that happens to human too.
If it’s happened to me I’m gonna use my lives for:
1.My first life. I’ll be an astronaut. I’ll join NASA and to participate in theirs research.
2. My second life. I’ll be an army. Join the war, helping civilians
3. Third, I’ll be a racer. Join NASCAR, rally, F1
4. Fourth. Jump over 13th floor.
5. Fifth. Cut my wrist
6. Sixth. Shoot my head
7. Seventh. Go to Bermuda
8. Eighth. Saving my life and my last life
9.Nineth. Do my best to live. Pray to the God.

What about u? What will u do with your nine lives ?

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